Monday, March 24, 2014

The claw

This is supposed to be an alligator claw. I honestly liked this project. Artist take risks like I did I used prisma colors and I have never used them before. I used my own unique ideas by having the red to yellow fade in the back because they are the compliments of green and blue. This also makes the claw the focal point and the details stand out. When I started this project I decided to make it super zoomed in so that one of the fingers is off the page this creates a good balence of the artwork on the page. During this project I learned how to use prisma colors instead of crayola. I improved my techniques with colored pencils and I really think that it turned out to be a good piece. I think that I could have put more contrast with the webed feet from the fingers. Also I think I could have blended the claws Better but it was hard to blend black and white. Overall I liked this project and would do it again. But I I did it again I would do the webbed feet differently.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Colored pencil

I loved making this project because colors pencils are my favorite things to use. I feel like they are nice and easy to work with and it is easy to show the value in the lollipop. I found again that the lollipop was very hard to draw because of all the wrinkles in the wrapper plus it was hard not to eat it.  But I find that the things that work in this piece is that the values in the pole of the lollipop and the values in the wrapper. The bad things are the control of the pencil and you can see streaks of the the pencil. I liked this project and I most likely will choose color pencils for my final because they are the neatest  to work with and I have been using it for the longest time.


This project I found to be really hard. I found the chalk to be a lot like the pastels but harder. I found it to be messy and kinda hard to keep neat. The strengths of my project are how I blended the colors and showed the translucents of the wrapper. But the weakness of this project was how the wrapper looked I think it would be better if I was neater and looked better. Overall I liked using the chalk but I will not choose chalk for my final because I found it hard to use.