Thursday, May 26, 2016


We used a tray to form clay around it. Then we painted it black/ wax and then started carving our design. I think the Tigers texture is very successful, but there are a lot of scratches that take away from the design 


We used the balloons as a form, we put plaster over the balloon and then painted it. I used fishing line to attach a nail person.  I think this is a very cool project.

Wire tree

We started by taking wire about 20 inches long to achieve a tree about 8 inches tall. After we cut them we made roots by making a loop and twisting loops at the bottom. We twisted all of the 20 wires together and then started making the branches. If I could do this differently I would make it shorter and have a smaller rock. 

Monday, May 2, 2016


These bowls were really fun to work on! Each bowl was a completly different process. 

The blue and red bowl was made on a wheel where you wedge the clay, center it, and then start building up.

The green and yellowish bowl was a pinch pot. I didn't like the pinch pot because it was very hard to make it even and neat.

The last bowl was paper maché with fabric, I used a dark red on the outside and a blue on the inside.

My favorite bowl was the kick wheel, the whole process was new to me and over all was just fun to make! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Unconventional materials

So I don't have any pictures of this piece because it well wasn't good. I was given a red lace material. I decided to make a dragon out of wire and then put the red lace over it to add accents and color. In the process of making said "dragon" I cut my self bent multiple wires and struggled.... A LOT.  It was a fun project but in the end it ended up in the garage. (Where it belongs) if I had to do anything different I would have used a thicker wire. The problem was that it wasn't sturdy enough and the wires would bend when I was trying to bend another wire.. So after a week of preserving I couldn't overcome my struggles... DRAGON = 1... Alex = 0.  
If I had this project again I would give it as a group project. Give them more than one material to make a sculpture or bigger piece, kind of a challenge thing and see what they come up with! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pit firing pt.2

We started using clay, we made the shape and then let it dry out! We used spoons to get the piece as smooth as possible. Then we fired the piece and painted it with red clay. Then we wrapped the piece with different objects that will burn. Put that in a foil saggar and let it burn. 

This process is very unique and no one piece is alike. That's what makes this process special.

I liked the idea of this piece, if I would do it again I would put less stuff in the foil saggar. There fore the piece would hopefully be a little neater and less ugly. 

Pit fire pt. 1

Pit firing is a technique to make unique pieces of art. Artist wrap their pieces with anything that burns and wrapped in foil to create burn marks! Foil saggar is what you wrap the piece in, that holds the combustible items and traps the smoke to the piece. The designs that you create on one piece will be completely different than ones on an other. They will never be exactly the same. That's what makes pit firing so special. I tried to make a triangle pyramid but then found that the sides would look cool pushed out so that's what I did!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Relief Pt. 2

I think that the detail in the eagle is very successful. The texture really pops and makes it realistic. The goal of this piece was to have your eye drawn to the eye of the eagle and the addition of the glass really does that! I feel like the paint on the piece really ruins the look of it. The piece also broke which makes the piece look incomplete. My piece originally was going to be just the tile, but then it broke. I over came that challenge by adding more tiles to create the rest of the eagle. The mini projects did help with my sculpting abilities and learning what each tool does. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Artist inspired

The artist that inspired me was Wang Ruilin. He focuses on art based in Beijing China. He mainly uses what looks like a clay! What drew me in as a viewer was his attention to his detail. I personally love his work with animals! He puts the animals in cool positions which really adds a cool atmosphere.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Relief post: part one

I plan on making a eagle out of clay. In the sculpture the beak will be raised up coming out at you. The rest of the bird will be going back into the tile. The eye is the focal point so I plan to melt glass into the eye to really make that pop. This is what inspired me to try this piece