Thursday, April 21, 2016

Unconventional materials

So I don't have any pictures of this piece because it well wasn't good. I was given a red lace material. I decided to make a dragon out of wire and then put the red lace over it to add accents and color. In the process of making said "dragon" I cut my self bent multiple wires and struggled.... A LOT.  It was a fun project but in the end it ended up in the garage. (Where it belongs) if I had to do anything different I would have used a thicker wire. The problem was that it wasn't sturdy enough and the wires would bend when I was trying to bend another wire.. So after a week of preserving I couldn't overcome my struggles... DRAGON = 1... Alex = 0.  
If I had this project again I would give it as a group project. Give them more than one material to make a sculpture or bigger piece, kind of a challenge thing and see what they come up with!