Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pit firing pt.2

We started using clay, we made the shape and then let it dry out! We used spoons to get the piece as smooth as possible. Then we fired the piece and painted it with red clay. Then we wrapped the piece with different objects that will burn. Put that in a foil saggar and let it burn. 

This process is very unique and no one piece is alike. That's what makes this process special.

I liked the idea of this piece, if I would do it again I would put less stuff in the foil saggar. There fore the piece would hopefully be a little neater and less ugly. 

Pit fire pt. 1

Pit firing is a technique to make unique pieces of art. Artist wrap their pieces with anything that burns and wrapped in foil to create burn marks! Foil saggar is what you wrap the piece in, that holds the combustible items and traps the smoke to the piece. The designs that you create on one piece will be completely different than ones on an other. They will never be exactly the same. That's what makes pit firing so special. I tried to make a triangle pyramid but then found that the sides would look cool pushed out so that's what I did!