Art 2 Final portfolio


 I Think that this project was my most successfull project because the shading and the value with the claws hand. The alligator claw was a very impressive piece and i think that it really protrayed the theme of up close and personal very well. overall i think that this project just flowed from the size of the piece to the gradation of the green to the blues and blacks just works. then to make the claw pop out i used a red to yellow gradation just to make this piece a little more interesting than just a clawbut to to make it still be focused on the claw. on this project i took a risk and going for prisma colors on a brown peice of paper instead of something i was comftorable like normal crayola. this piece is just very special and i think that it is just very modest but yet fierce and a wierd way. i think that if i didnt put the background and left it brown would have effected this project. to start this priject i found my references and then started my sketches, i really wanted to emohasize the webbed feet but still make the fingers pop and i really think i accomplished that. The very last thing i did were the claws because that was the gardest thing to do to make them look round but still add some shading in them.


I think that this was my least favorite project because the piece just looks very childish and not what i intended. this piece was suppose to look like a chinese dragon and was not what it really came out as. it looks more like a poodle. I think the reason that it is very childish is because i rushed on the dragon and i had never done mixed media before, and i wasnt really sure what i was doing ofther than throwing things on my piece and trying to make it look like a dragon. if i would have done another project i would have added different layers and more things just to make it look more cool and realistic. I also would have tried to make the value a little better in the head and int he torso of the dragon. i also would have made the contrast of the leg  and the body stand out more that was a poor choice of planning to put a blue leg next to a blue body so my mistake would have changed that made it contrast more.

3) I choose these two pieces of art because i think that i have improved a lot. this piece was the very first piece in this class and throughout the semester i think that i grew with my shading. You showed me how to make things look round and how to make them contrast with the background, this piece was very good but i think that i could have worked more on the background, since this piece i have learned how to controle the pencil in more of a delicate mannre and learn how to blend more., since the painting i have really focoused on how to blend  paint, since the painting we have done the mixed media and the plaster which i have practiced my blending with the paint. i have improved on blending controling my strokes and making things look realistic instead of what my brain thinks it is.

4)   I felt that these mini lessons really helped me understand the purpose of adding tints and shades, on the lollipop that was leading up to the claw project and it really helped me learn how to use prisma colors, something i have never used, and learn how to blend them. and make them contrast. the soda can was also leading up to the claw and really was a quite fun little mini project using oil pastels to design a coke zero can was really fun. i think that this project really made me understand the purpose of adding the dark values into the can to make it look round. one thing that i did learn is to not go tooo dark with the dark values and to start off just veery lightly cause it gets dark quick. and the same could be said for the light values.

5) Colored pencils were my favorite  medium to use WHY? because i found that you could really easily add what you wanted to the piece to make them look, and very easily add the details that you wanted to add. this medium was my favorite bcause the quality of the pieces that you could produce within your piece really suprised me. i like how with the white colored pencil you can add the highlights for the light and then with the dark colors you could really add the shades. colored pencils were very easy to work with and that is why they were my favorite medium to work with, the second would be paint just because im not a painter and i found it fun to use, but it was challenging and im always up for a challenge. but this is why i choose the colored pencils as my favorite medium.

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