Thursday, May 28, 2015

Exam part 3

This project was a bust, if I could do this again, I would! I liked the idea of this project, but things I would do differently would be I would make the letters bigger! I would paint in different colors, maybe blue and green! I would also take my time and blend the colors better! I would use a bigger canvas, because the word is too big for the canvas, and you can't see the fade as much! This project turned out okay, but it could turn out even better! 

Exam part 3

Original art

This piece of art is original, because there is no other art like it! I did get inspiration from other artist. Do to the fact that this project was artist inspired. I looked at Patrick star, and the thinker pose! I wanted to combine them because patrick doesn't think so it's ironic! My ideas were using Patrick's rock as the stone that the thinker sits on! To adding colors in his pants! Over all I love this work of art and I'm very proud of it! 

Final exam

We collaborate 
We started this project as something fun to do! We were not really inspired by anything! It started off with just splatter paint!! Then I decided to add an alien! Claire and Hannah gave us ideas on what to add! They told us to add more aliens. You came in and helped add the shading and very minor details that make the project look a lot better! Over all I love how this project turned out!