Art 1 Portfolio

1.Landscape Painting

I feel that the painting was the most sucssesful project this year, why? Because the way that the light of the lighthouse shines on the cloud and reflects off the cloud. Also the way that the clouds have been layered and the blending of the sky from the monochramatic color scheme with the sky. I just think that when you do a orange wash that the canvas really doesnt intimidate you, as much as a white canvas. The ground was kind of boring in the actual pictures so I decided to add a little bit of highlights to the ground to show the Tints and the shades of the ground. What i was really trying to do was to make the focal point the light house and then have your eyes drift into the sky. Which i think i nailed it, when you look at the light house the first thing you see is the light, then you look to the left and your eyes follow the light into the sky. I loved this project and i think that it was the most sucsessful project from my stand point of view.

2. Value Car

The car was really a growing project. I am a ninth grader coming from apex middle school, there they have a good art program teaching you the basics of shading, potery, and painting. But when we started shading in highschool it was a completly different experience. When we started with the 3-D shapes i was struggling. I keeped working on it and eventually i got to the point that i started getting wear to put the values and shades/highlights to the car. If you saw the 3-D values you would have thought i had never seen a pencil before. then when you saw the car you would have thought that i was a car designer from lamborghini. There was such a difference in that unit i had to put it as most growth.

3. Clay Tile

I choose the clay tile because i feel that it incorperates our whole year of learning. From shading to making things look like 3-D objects to learning how to use color schemes to make things pop out at you/ make them your focal point. With the frog i used the shading skills from the value unit, then again that was drawing. So thats when i used the skills from painting the Landscape that i learned how to blend paint on an object. On the frog the stomach is round so there for i added dark colors to the outside of him and then as it got to the top the frogs colors became brighter. Now from the begining of the unit i learned how to get my mind and my hand on the same speed so that they looked the same. That is how i cut the clay and shaped the frog. Overall i Choose the frog Because it looked good and since it was the last project you can tell that i incorperated every thing that i have learned in art class into the project.

4. Contour Shoe

I felt this was the least important project for learning. At least for me this project didnt feel like the project helped my drawings at all. I think that the blind contours did something but the contours just felt like a waist of time. I mean its teaching your eyes and hand to work as a team and not as 2 teams. But just the fact that it took like four days to complete this unit really seemed like too much time for such an easy project. i think if we did a brief review of this project it would have been better but 3 blind contours, 3 contours, one practice shoe, and one real shoe is too much. Again this is my opinion not a fact so this isnt mean i just thought that it was the least important/fun. This project might have tought me something that i dont see now but maybe in the long run I will realize it.

5. Cartoon Skeleton

I choose the cartoon skeleton for the project that reflects me. This project really reflects me becuase we could choose the character that we wanted, the first thing that popped into my head was Daffy Duck. That must mean something. Also we could design the bone structure to make the skeleton our own. So i made the feet how i thought the feet would look like also the rib cage is how i draw them. The whole Daffy Duck is completely my own. That is why i choose this Picture for the one that reflects me.

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