Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frog tongue

This was an extreamly fun project and i would love to do some thing like this again. i had alot of struggles with adding the color of the toung to the frog. I also had trouble adding the 3-d affect to the tongue. I had to restart a couple of times because of the different layers so if your doing this watch out for that. I think that for never doing this before i think that the tongue turned out pretty nice it has the color of the tongue and it looks quite disterbing to be quite honest. I think that this project was fun and we should do more.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Angry Pancake

I enjoyed this project very much. my struggls with this project were that i have never used photo shop before and it was very conveluted if you didnt know what you were doing. i liked this project because it isnt the normal thing to do in art, it was original. my favorite part was adding the piranahs mouth to the pancakes. The coolest part was were we use the tool to seperate the pancakes to make room for the mouth. Overall this was a really fun project, i liked the video and i would be more inclined to do more of photoshop projects in the furture.